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The season starts in mid September with a beautiful display of white blossom, which when pollinated by bees, becomes the beginning of the cherry crop.

Harvest usually begins in mid November and continues into mid January with over 10 varieties being grown which include Merchant, Santina, Stella, Lapins and Sweet Georgia.

After the cherries are picked they are brought into the packing shed and immediately chilled with cold water (hydro-cooled) to remove field heat which increases shelf life. Then the cherries are placed into a coolroom before grading. The grading process involves first removing any leaves, twigs or foreign matter from the cherries, then the cherries pass through a cluster cutter. This is done so the individual cherries can pass through under the cherry sorters cameras, 30 pictures are taken of each individual cherry as they roll under the cameras. The computer analyses the cherry for size and defects before allocating it a grading lane. The cherry is then inspected by our grading staff before being deposited in its box or punnet. Returning back to a coolroom for further cooling before dispatch.

The Adelaide Hills has a large native bird population including Adelaide and Eastern Rosellas, Rainbow and Musk Lorikeets, Red Wattlebirds and Crows, so the trees are netted during the cherry season to minimise bird damage.

The bulk of the pruning is done during the dormant winter period and includes removal of unwanted growth and tying down limbs. Good annual pruning helps to increase fruit size and promotes even cropping.


Our cherries are some of the largest grown in the Adelaide Hills.


Our focus is on fruit size rather than mass production.

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Our Figs

Fig season begins in early March and finishes in late May with fruit being harvested every day.

Figs are very soft and must be picked and graded by hand.

Our figs are dispatched to markets in Adelaide, Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

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P.O. Box 230

Gumeracha,  South Australia 5233


Please do not attempt to place orders for shed door sales through our email as emails may not be checked daily throughout the cherry season.


Orders to be picked up from shed door sales can be made on (08) 83891881


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